A modular take on the classic Fuchs design. Reimagining Fuchs wheels for classic air-cooled 911 Porsches.

Providing a modular solution for Porsche owners in 16", 17", and 18" diameters with an infinite number of offset and width possibilities.


Let us build your bespoke set of Fuchs wheels. Contact us with your application.

Fuchs 1
Fuchs 2
Fuchs 4
Fuchs 7
Fuchs 8

Three-Piece Conversions.

We are proud to be North America's only builder of completely bespoke three-piece wheel conversions. 

Beginning with OEM manufacturers' wheels, we machine a custom face to mate with forged wheel barrels.  This service is completely custom, and yields completely custom wheels which can be built to any specification.

All conversions are done on a made to order basis. Contact us to discuss your project.


Custom Design Specifications.

Build to Spec is a cost-effective way to order properly fitting, lightweight, forged wheels built specifically for your vehicle.

Choose from our inventory of in-stock wheel faces and provide us with your vehicle information. We will begin to build a custom set of wheels often at half the cost of a new set.



We have become used to providing feedback on wheel fitments for all applications. We are happy to help with your unique application.



We work with our customers to track down wheels to work with their vehicle. We have located many difficult to find forged wheels for clients and helped them resize them to fit perfectly.


Final Assembly.

We can take care of final wheel assembly to ensure your three-piece wheels are properly assembled for a round, true, safe, and a leak-free final product.


Industry Connections.

From working with industry professionals, we are well-connected with various manufacturers of high-quality wheel parts and hardware.

We work directly with manufacturers to eliminate unnecessary markup.


About Me.

Hi, I'm Adam!


I have been building modular wheels since 2012. After becoming frustrated by the lack of accurate knowledge and the limited options of properly fitting wheels in my car community, I took a dive into building sets of three-piece wheels that fit properly. 

I have focused on building custom-fitting wheels for many specialized applications ever since. Let me help you build your set of wheels!