HRE 547R | Mk. IV Supra

HRE 547R | Mk. IV Supra

These would be excellent on a car that is driven. These have been built for a Mk. IV Supra and are perfect for someone that does not want to roll or cut their rear fenders. The offsets are still aggressive, but will allow for a nice fitment on a stock body with no modifications.


With painted faces and polished lips, these HRE 547Rs are a tasteful addition to a Mk. IV Supra. HRE red white and blue center caps help make these pop.


The wheels are in nice shape. Two of the outer hoops are brand new, and the other two are in excellent condition. The faces are in good shape, although they do have a couple paint chips on the spokes. The paint chips are noticeable when looking for them, but not alarming at a distance. The wheels have no cracks, bends, or other issues.

  • Tech Specs

    • 5x114.3
    • 64.1CB



    • 19x9.0 +38
    • 2.5" Outer Lip
    • 6.5" Inner Barrel



    • 19x10.0 +38
    • 3.0" Outer Lip
    • 7.0" Inner Barrel
  • Fitment

    1993.5 - 2002 Supra 

    Will not fit over Twin Turbo front brake calipers. Please inqure for other brake configurations.