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Selling My Dream Car: Does admitting you're an adult actually suck?

Rewind to 2003. The internet bubble had just burst, Myspace was just getting big, and I was an impressionable—and incredibly chubby—14-year old kid. I stumbled across some kid’s CarDomain page of his 2003 Corvette Z06. His name was Carleton Yoder, although more commonly known to the internet as Spd Kilz. His Electron Blue Z06 made quite the impression on me. I made it a goal to own this car.

After looking for months for an Electron Blue car (available 2002, and 2003 model years only), I finally found the one and immediately sent a deposit. Armed with a fanny pack of cash (yes, I’ve made better fashion choices), I boarded a flight and made it down to San Diego to buy the car.

The car didn’t have an ownership. I almost got arrested in California. The car couldn’t be imported into back into Canada for two months. The car didn’t pass an emissions test. Clearly I’d made a wise decision.

In my almost decade of ownership, the car did a lot of things:

· Received $1,000+ in tickets in one stop

· Run a 10-second quarter mile pass

· Terrified countless passengers and bystanders

· Gotten more ‘no front plate’ tickets than I care to admit

· Angered many neighbours

· Broken sound regulations

· Run 150mph in the ½ mile

· Demolished several sets of tires

· Became CCW’s first ever car of the month

Approaching my midlife crisis years (ahem, 30) helped put things into perspective. In looking at what my goals were in the next ten years, I had a difficult time justifying keeping the Corvette.

So, why did I sell it:

1) I barely drove the thing – 1,000 miles a year was the average

2) I’m skeptical of the economy over the next five years

3) I don’t see C5 Z06s really rising in value—they made enough that they’re not rare

4) At the moment, I’d rather have my money in appreciating assets: rental properties and Supras

5) There will be a replacement...

My thinking when I sold it is that if I missed it that much, finding another C5Z wouldn’t be a challenge. There were enough made that they are not rare; even in Electron Blue.

From a financial standpoint, I ate shit. How much money did I lose in this car? I don’t even want to do the math. It’s depressing.

What’s important to realize is that life isn’t exclusively about dollars, cents, math, and profit. I am incredibly thankful for the number of people I have met because of this car. It’s opened doors, and I am humbled at the number of number of friends and great connections I have made because of this car.

It’s now been three months since I sold it, and truthfully I don’t miss it that much. I have pictures of it in my home (which adds to my mediocre decoration tactics) and for me, that’s almost as good as owning a car I don't drive. So, does becoming an adult suck? No. Sometimes seeing the bigger picture is more fulfilling than proving what a small penis you have by owning a Corvette.

I do, however, miss having a quick car. Now to scratch that itch…

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