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Donny's Brushed HRE C20

Updated: May 14, 2019

Donny, @_jetbluu_, approached us early in 2019 looking for something a bit different for his C6 Corvette. He was looking for a set of lightweight and forged wheels for canyon carving use. A set of HRE C20 fit the bill nicely. Wanting a unique look and something to compliment the Le Mans Blue color, Donny asked if we could provide a brushed finish with a tinted clear coat.

While HRE now offers this finish, back when they manufactured the C2x series wheels, this was not an option. Replicating it was difficult.

The faces of the used wheels we found Donny had originally been polished, although they suffered from years of neglect. We immediately got started on hand brushing each face. This was an incredibly tedious process which involves hours of sanding, caffinating, dremeling, and otherwise labor-intensive work.

With the brushwork on the faces complete, it was time for powder. This was a completely different story. Selecting even basic colors from powder coating samples is challenging. Finding a tinted one to replicate HRE’s in-house finish is even more difficult.

Testing various powder samples on only the highest-quality beer cans (as if we needed an excuse to drink) was the answer. The first powder that was ordered was transparent despite its deceiving name (Tinted Clear) and sample swatch. After harassing a powder supply company, we had another shot at the next product: Tinted Clear II.

And the result? Still too light. Dammit. With a delivery date looming, getting creative was the only option. Spraying two coats of powder ended up providing the exact result we wanted: a vivid brushed finish that was still visible, with an overall grey look.

Lessons Learned:

1) This process is horrible

2) Powder coat samples are a joke

3) Trial and error is your friend

4) Find an amazing powdercoater that won’t kill you when you’re picky

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