• Adam Coleman

Should I Buy a BMW Z3M Coupe?

I want it, but certainly can’t justify it.

Edit – I found someone with one and I asked to see it. I flagged him down, and struck up a conversation with him. A man surely with great—erm, eclectic—taste. A car with ridiculous proportions. How BMW ever thought this car would sell is beyond me. But, I loved every inch of it [insert 'that's what she said' joke].

I asked to see the trunk. I had painted a mental picture of the trunk being infinitely large and catering to my every desire of buying every wheel found on eBay and Craigslist. Alas, reality set in. It’s small. It has an awkward hump in it. It isn’t flat. I could barely fit a pair of rear wheels in there.

Looks like the Z3M Coupe was, and will continue to be a pipe dream as a daily driver…

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