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For Sale: 1996 Supra Turbo

1996 Supra RZ-S Turbo

Paint: Moonstone (6N0)

146,100 Kilometers (90,800 miles)

2JZ-GTE | Turbo

V160 6-Speed

I had not planned on doing this since it was my goal to keep this car indefinitely. That being said, the stars aligned for me to own a Royal Sapphire Pearl Supra, and while I love both cars, owning two Supras gets in the way of purchasing another rental property, being a semi-sane human being, and is challenging to justify keeping another (fifth) car.

This car is a true twin-turbo 6-speed car (2JZ GTE, V160). It is in a relatively rare ‘Moonstone’ (6N0) color which was not available in North America. The paint is virtually flawless. 

I purchased the car in October 2016 and have driven it occasionally on nice days. I have put roughly 8,000 miles on the car since purchasing it in 2017.  The car currently has just over 91,000 miles on it.

Many Supras that come from Japan are in rough condition. Poor maintenance, questionable modifications, and half-destroyed interiors seem to be the norm. This car is not a typical Supra you will find coming in from Japan. It’s incredibly clean; most people are floored with its condition. With the car already in North America, this removes a significant amount of uncertainty and risk both from the perspective of shipping, and the ability to see the car in person.


The interior is nearly flawless. The car was optioned with the Recaro ‘Confetti’ seats which present incredibly well and do not have any of the typical seatbelt wear. All the plastics are in fabulous shape and the S2 panels are free of scratches. The rear seats fold down properly and are free of rips and tears. The dash is not warped, either. It’s clear the car has been stored indoors its whole life.

The only interior modifications are an aftermarket headunit with bluetooth audio and voice, sub, and AEM Wideband O2 gauge in place of the clock.

As of this year, the HVAC fan speed seems to have a bit of a mind of its own. I will look into this when I get a chance. The AC blows cold, and the heat blows hot. 


This car is stunning in person. It is incredibly clean and meticulously cared for. The paint is near-flawless, has been ceramic coated, and a clear bra has been added to various parts of the car to protect the paint. I wash it religiously with the two-bucket method. 

I had some paint work done after installing a TRD wing and having the front license plate holes, front emblem holes, and antenna filled. The front bumper and side skirts have a clear bra that was installed after the paint work was executed as a means of protection. I had the metal gas tank cover powdercoated which provides a nice clean look from the back of the car and underneath.

The car has the active aero/active front lip which is a front lip that deploys at 50+ MPH. This is a relatively rare option and it works as it should. It also has a set of 19” HRE C21 wheels built to Supra fitment. While the black may not photograph well, they’re jaw-dropping in person with their black metallic finish. The car is lowered on adjustable BC Coilovers.




Michelin Pilot Sport




Toyo R888


This car is overall relatively stock. There have been very few modifications and changes made. While not a ‘virgin’ it has definitely not been the subject of poor modifications. This is a blank canvass for someone purchasing a Supra that wants to modify it, or simply a clean, unmolested car to enjoy as-is (as I have done). I have never dyno’d the car nor do I drive it particularly hard, but I would guess it makes around 400hp.

Engine Modifications

  • Mishimoto Radiator

  • Mishimoto Catch Can

  • Greddy Blow-Off Valve

  • Whifbitz Full Titanium Catback Exhaust

  • Catless Downpipe

  • Greddy Profec Boost Controller 

Mechanicals & General Maintenance

The engine works just as it should. It starts up immediately (even after sitting for the winter), idles perfectly, and revs as it should. The transmission shifts nicely, and has a typical V160 feel to it. The car does not smoke at all on startup nor while driving. I change the oil at the end of every season before storing it for the winter. 

During my ownership I have had the following maintenance executed on the vehicle:

  • New timing belt

  • Replaced valve cover gaskets

  • New serpentine belt

  • Rotors and Pads

  • Replaced transmission fluid (V160 Fluid)

  • Replaced differential fluid

It should be noted that the cam seals should be replaced - the car leaks a bit of oil from them. I had suspected it was the valve cover gaskets, although I learned after that was the cam seals. 

A Note to American Buyers

I understand that this car is six months away from being federally legal in the United States. I am willing to, within reason, help a US buyer arrange storage locally in Canada if that is an interesting proposition. I am located 60 miles from New York State, so the vehicle could be held relatively close to the border. I am happy to discuss this further.  The car is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 


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