A modular take on the classic Fuchs design. Recreating Fuchs wheels for classic air-cooled 911 Porsches.



A project born out of necessity.

The options for properly-fitting Fuchs wheels for Air-Cooled Porsches are incredibly limited. Porsche produced these wheels up to a 16x9" for its 930 Turbo cars and used spacers as a crutch for poor fitment.

Each customer appreciates a different fitment dictated by their preferences and use cases. We adapt our widths and offsets taking into consideration each customer's unique goal.

​Aftermarket companies have provided subpar replicas which often do not fit well, and are heavy. We build modular Fuchs wheels in a 15" through 18" diameter and build each set specifically for each customer. We cater to both narrowbody and widebody vehicles while taking into consideration suspension and brake caliper clearances.




High-strength 12-point stainless steel fasteners provide a safe mounting solution for three-piece construction.


Three-piece Fuchs shed unsprung mass. Our 17x9" front wheels weigh 19.6 pounds, and 17x11 rear wheels weigh 20.4 pounds.


The use of completely forged aluminum inner and outer wheel barrels provide increased rigidity over dated construction.



The machine work begins by removing the cast inner and outer barrels from a Fuch wheel. Thick mounting flanges are cut into the face to ensure structural integrity before drilling. We use precise tooling and equipment to minimize runoff and to ensure the final product is straight and true.



After machining the wheel face, and drilling the center to accommodate the assembly bolts, the faces and barrels are powdercoated to ensure custom and durable finish. An infinite range of colors can be chosen.


Final Assembly.

A decontamination of all pieces occur before assembly in order to promote adhesion. All fasteners are properly torqued, and a final bead of non-corrosive sealant is applied and given 48 hours to cure before providing a leak-free wheel.




Assembly Bolts.

Your choice of hardware material and color. We offer standard chrome M7 hardware, and upgrades to ARP and Titanium fasteners.


Wheel Dimensions.

Width, offset, and brake clearance is designed around your application. We work with you to have these wheels fit your Porsche.


Powder Coating.

An infinite number of colors and finishing options for wheel face and hoops. Custom polishing and RSR-inspired paint jobs available upon request.


Up to 18".

We provide the option of up to an 18" wheel diameter, which provides the option to take advantage of a wider array of tire sizes, brands, and compounds.


Contact us today to begin designing your bespoke set of three-piece Fuchs-inspired wheels.


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