For Sale: 1996 Supra Turbo

1996 Supra RZ-S Turbo Paint: Moonstone (6N0) 147,634 Kilometers (92,300 miles) 2JZ-GTE | Turbo Getrag V160 6-Speed I had not planned on...

We F*cked Up

We messed up a set of wheels. Here's how we fixed it.

HRE Open House 2019

We were honored to have two customer cars at the gigantic 2019 HRE Open House.

2000 Civic Hatchback

Do you want a car that literally no one will ever compliment you on? Look no further!

Saving the 1995 Supra

A '95 Supra surfaced almost in my back yard. I bought it the next day. The car was far from perfect and was the victim of poor choices.

Donny's Brushed HRE C20

Providing a brushed finish with tinted clear coat for this C6 in time for HRE Wheel's 2019 Open House proved to be quite the challenge.