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We specialize in all things three-piece. We consult with each customer to provide bespoke fitment, unique results, and truly custom modular wheels.

3-Piece Wheel Conversion

Bespoke hand-crafted multi-piece wheels built completely to unique specifications from OEM wheels.

Curation + Consulting

Finding rare and low-production wheels for a wide range of vehicle applications.

Custom Spec + Assembly

Completely custom and individual wheel fitment and assembly for any vehicle.



Modular Revolution has specialized in modular wheel building and bespoke wheel fitment since 2012. Our team of experts have an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge in fitments, wheel building, and the wheel industry.

Our combined knowledge gives us confidence in spec'ing and building custom modular wheels with varying widths and offsets for show cars, pro-touring builds, and various racing applications.

Modular Revolution has locations in the United States and Canada.



Modular Revolution has a global presence. Our work can be seen featured on the following platforms.

Pelican Parts
Corvette Forum
Supra Forums
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